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Dry Ice Application

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DRY ICE is available in the following shapes to meet our customer's requirements:

Dry Ice Pellets

They can be spread very easily over products or packed around any shape, ideally in the Packing industry, Hospital, Medical, Transportation, Engineering, Supermarket, etc.

Dry Ice Block

Block Dry Ice, are perfectly suited to transport large quantities of goods.

  • Slabs with a weight of approximately 3kg. 

  • Rectangular size: L300mm x W200mm xHl3Omm.

  • Wrapped into 3kg x 4 pieces (12Kg approx)

Sliced Wrapped Dry Ice

Paper wrapped, making them even easier to handle as they will not stick together or cling to surfaces. The most common use of slices is for catering.
Airline-catering companies have chosen to use Dry Ice Slices to increase hygiene and maintain the freshness of their food and beverages.

Prevent contamination, Easy to handle, Reduce sublimation (loss), Provides safety information.

  • Size Available: 500g & 1kg 

Examples of dry ice application:

  • Storage and transportation of frozen & chilled food

  • Chilling of food for air catering

  • Cold grinding

  • Chilling of meat in a quick mincer

  • Deflashing of rubber parts

  • Shrink fitting of machine parts

  • Freeze-drying of organic substances

  • Jet-freezing of pipes

  • Hardening of aluminum alloy rivets

  • Steel processing

  • Testing of materials

  • Fast-chilling in laboratories

  • Removal of fog (air ports)

  • Dew point determination

  • Retard bacteria growth

  • Dry Ice blasting (Remove of paint & dusty)

  • Dry ice cleaning for precision machine

  • "Fog" effect in theatres and discotheques

   Note: Production of fog will cease when water temperature falls below 4C.


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