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Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting

Generally dry ice blasting offers significant benefits that have markedly improved cleaning practices.  This cleaning method eliminates hazardous waste streams by replacing chemical solvent, grit media and contaminated water with a dry media that vaporizes on impact. The elimination reduce cost of cleaning equipments which results in considerable improvement of product quality and production equipment yield.

Non-abrasive to Material

Unlike other grit media, dry ice pellets have little molecular integrity and density.  As the ice particles shatter upon impact and quickly vaporize, the surface of the material to be cleaned will not be damaged and therefore only the deposit is removed.  With the use of dry ice cleaning machines, it is possible to have infinite control over air pressure and ice pellets flow which means that sensitive surfaces can also be cleaned without any problems.  Furthermore, higher frequency cleaning shortens application time and reduced the amount of cleaning related wear and tear on the machinery and equipment which results in the extension of equipment useful life.  

Improved Productivity

The easy operation of dry ice cleaning machine permits very high cleaning speeds.  It is equipped with different spray nozzles which allows cleaning of awkward shapes and more uneven surfaces.  Preventive maintenance schedules may be adopted and allow for equipment maintenance during production periods.  This help to minimize downtime which maximizes production efficiency. As a result, productivity is increased without adding labor or production equipment.

Cost and Time Reduction

The natural sublimation of dry ice particles eliminates the cost of cleaning media disposal since expensive disposal of cleaning solvents are not required.  High cost of dismantling installations is also unnecessary in most cases.  Furthermore, dry ice blasting keeps equipment clean and running which reduces production defects and scrap.  The above characteristics provide instant time and cost savings over conventional cleaning methods.

Environmental Safety

As CO2 disappears on impact, it creates no additional waste.  Being a non-toxic element, the use of dry ice replace toxic chemical processes which are often the cause of disposal problems or health hazards.  As a result, employee exposure and corporate liability stemming from the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents can be materially reduced or eliminated completely when such machines are used.


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