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How Dry Ice Blasting Machines Work

CO2 works is suitable for industrial cleaning because of the 2 following factors:

The Thermal Shock

The temperature of the dry ice pellets is -79șC and when they make contact with the surface, the pellets sublimate by absorbing heat.  Instantaneous sublimation of  CO2 pellet upon impact absorbs maximum heat from the thin top layer of surface coating or contaminant.  The rapid transfer of heat into the pellet from the surface creates an extremely large temperature differential and thus produces localized high shear stresses between the layers.  The high shear produced over a very brief expanse of time causes rapid propagation between the layers leading to bond failure of contamination and/or coating at the surface of the substrate.  This produces a rough and cracked surface with some contamination already removed.

The Mechanical Removal

The rough and cracked surface make infiltration into the deposit of more dry ice pellets possible.  The combined impact energy dissipation and extremely rapid heat transfer  between the pellet and the surface causes instantaneous sublimation of the solid CO2 into gas.  During sublimation, the gas expands by approximately 700 times.  The volume of the pellet as a result cause "micro-explosion" at the point of impact.  Such explosion cause the pellet to change into gas and it further enhance the lifting of coating particles from the substrate.  As the CO2 gas expands outward along the surface, the "explosion" effectively provides an area of high pressure focused between the surface and the thermally fractured coating particles.  The effect hence results in a very efficient lifting force to remove deposits from the surface of the substrate.


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