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     Benefits of Flexicold
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Flexicold™ is a new solution for temperature controlled storage and transportation.  The system is made up of thermally insulated modular containers and designed to carry a combination of multi-temperature products over a nominated period of time.  The Flexicold system is a simple, flexible and cost efficient way of extending the cold-chain.  

The Flexicold storage and transport system is built up by a combination of:

  • Thermally insulated modular containers
  • Refrigeration cell
  • Insulated panel for temperature control
  • Shelf options
  • Flexible and fully removable door
  • Injection system

The containers are powered by CO2, in its solid form, stored in a separate cell unit at the top of the containers.  Flexicold is designed to accept an interchangeable modular system of cells and panels to meet individual temperature requirements.  This feature makes it possible to carry multi-temperature combinations of products in the same or several container units, and is unique to the Flexicold system.

It is designed to carry any type of temperature sensitive products that require total temperature control.  Since the Flexicold is refrigerated by dry ice, no external refrigeration unit or insulated vehicle is required.

The dry ice is injected into the "cold cell" by an automatic injection station.  The amount of dry ice required depends on the quantity of product stored in the container, transport time, and ambient temperature surrounding the container.  For smaller applications, the dry ice can be applied manually using conveniently sized slices or blocks.

The main body of the container is made up of thermally insulated PE (polyethylene), which is 100% environment friendly.  The flexible door is insulated to the same standard as the rest of the container, which prevents any form of temperature loss.


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